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Integration and refugee work
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The portal "Integration and refugee work in Thuringia" offers to you

Fachdienst für Integration Thüringen

We help migrants and refugees
  • with information and consultation
  • with language courses for communication
  • with translation help in several languages
  • to find the appropriate contact person
  • to solve day-to-day problems
We offer to employees of Thuringian government agencies, authorities as well as administrative districts and urban municipalities
  • information, consultation and further education
Wir aim at
  • a peaceful life together, tolerance and acceptance between local and in-migrant population
  • using cultural diversity as a resource to provide complex practical and community-oriented offers for language improvement as well as social, occupational and social integration
  • improving structures to ease aid and assistance for refugees
  • supporting networking and providing cooperative relationships
  • intercultural opening of communal life and in this context intercultural orientation of public services

Communal guidepost Thuringia

The guidepost provides an overview of offers and contact people for refugee and integration work in Thuringia. You get relevant information by mouse click on a district or urban municipality.

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New projects

You find the contact address under

Project overview

You can also give information on your projects here. Please send an email to fd@integration-migration-thueringen.de

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