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Commissioner for Foreigners (AB)
in the counties and urban municipalities

Addresses: siehe Communal guidepost, depending on counties and urban municipalities

Short description:

Communal Commissioners for Foreigners are advocates for foreigners in the country districts and towns and stand up for their rights. This includes a mediating role between foreigner and authorities and also between the German population.

Commissioner for Foreigners are involved in cross-cutting issues. For integration-political reasons communal Commissioner for Foreigners are meanwhile responsible for all people with an immigrant background, people who need integration assistance and are perceived as immigrants or foreigners by the population.

Commissioners for Foreigners do not have any authority to give directives. Their cooperation with agencies and authorities is on a confidential basis.

Commissioner for Foreigners handle requests on issue of foreigners from the domestic and international population. They advise individuals in related questions if their issues can not be tackled and solved by non-governmental consultation centers. They counter unjustified unequal treatment of foreigners. Based on different concepts in the regions, the Commissioners aim at promoting integration of migrants in the region, providing preconditions for a possibly conflict-free interaction between foreigners and Germans as well as different groups of foreigners, promoting understanding for each other and counter xenophobia.

Commissioners are contacts for social groups (clubs, churches, trade unions, social associations, Foreigners´ Advisory Councils) and take on coordinating tasks.

The work of the Commissioners is a voluntary service of local authority as part of local government. Statutory requirements refer only to the legitimate that is necessary for their work with the group of people ibvolved. Commissioners are only bond to give information on these group of people as far as it does not endanger the implementation of their duties.

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